Social Media Marketing

In addition to SEO and Paid Search services, Muskoka Marketing also offers a range of social media marketing services, including:

  • Social Media Strategy & Consulting
  • Facebook Organic & Paid Solutions
  • Instagram Organic & Paid Solutions
  • LinkedIn Organic & Paid Services
  • Pinterest Organic & Paid Solutions
  • Google My Business Organic Solutions
  • Related Graphic Design Requirements

All packages can be completely customized to suit your budget and objectives, so you have total flexibility. No off the shelf packages here.

Smart Social Marketing

The biggest advantage in having Muskoka Marketing setup and manage your social media campaigns is our expertise in organic search optimization. Through clever tie ins with your website, we’re able to leverage social activities so that they not only create activity within their respective channels, but they also are designed to drive traffic and link authority to your site, which has an amazing impact in SEO performance.

Using a creative mix of content creation on select social media channels, we can increase SEO performance up to 70% and more depending on monthly budgets.

Social campaigns that drive organic search performance? Now that’s effective marketing.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Muskoka Marketing provides the following Social Media marketing solutions:

Strategies & Roadmaps

Strategies can include a wide variety of areas, or can be focused on 1 or 2 specific channels, so no matter what your budget, you can make sure there’s a solid plan in place before you get started.

Google My Biz

While not part of the typical social media channels, Google My Business is not a channel you want to leave out in any campaign. It’s so effective, that it’s become part of all SEO campaign efforts.


We provide organic Facebook marketing services, and a wide variety of paid Facebook services, including graphic design services for banner ads, we can mix & match to suit whatever your budget.


Having a professional and up to date profile in LinkedIn can help drive performance metrics regardless of what type of business you run. From basic profile setups, to creating strategic campaigns – validate your brand with LinkedIn.


While at first glance, Pinterest may not appear to be the right channel for driving sales, however it can be an extremely effective channel if the campaign’s been well thought out and is creative. Brands such as Honda, Kyrlon, JC Penny and countless others have done so. Let us show you how you can take advantage of this channel.


There’s been a great deal of improvements in 2016 with the Instagram platform that make this platform worth taking a second look for your next social media campaign. Couple a creative underlying campaign message with great, unique “Instagram photography” can result in amazing results – let us help!

Why Customers Choose Us

Expert Social Media Marketing

Muskoka Marketing is led by Founder Jeff Fidler – who has over 20 years’ experience building creative digital marketing campaigns, and works with small, medium and enterprise businesses in retail, manufacturing, personal injury and other verticals.

Small Business Budgets

Muskoka Marketing understands small/medium businesses don’t have $10-30K a month for marketing, that’s why we offer budget flexibility that makes having Muskoka’s best marketing firm in your corner, a reality, instead of an impossibility.

We Understand Simcoe-Muskoka

Muskoka Marketing offers the best of both worlds. A physical location in Bracebridge, and being a division of Web Marketing Toronto, provider of enterprise level marketing services, we’re able to provide services other local providers simply can’t match.

Social Media's Impact on Organic Search Growth

Here is a great example of how Muskoka Marketing’s social media marketing services work to improve SEO performance, even in ultra-competitive categories.

The chart to the right shows real traffic numbers for one of our clients, a large personal injury law firm. The personal injury vertical is an extremely competitive space, yet we have been able to achieve an impressive 57% average year over year organic search traffic growth for Dec, Jan and Feb.

This growth was achieved by optimizing the three core areas of SEO – Technical, Onsite, and Offsite. and implementing an ongoing content strategy that not only engages users, but encourages users to create natural one way links.  No webmaster guidelines were broken, and absolutely no spammy techniques were used.  If we can do this in such a competitive space, imagine what we can do for you!