Organic Search Marketing

Being located in Bracebridge, Muskoka means our online marketing experts understand your local market and are here to meet with you in person whenever required.

The end goal for us is to make your phone ring and fill your inbox with leads – this is why our planning & strategy always revolves around what’s going to deliver the best return on investment for your marketing spend, something we’re quite good at.  Muskoka Marketing has in-depth experience with everything from real estate, retail, manufacturing, professional services like dental clinics, law firms and business to business verticals. Whatever type of business you’re operating, we can help.

With 20+ years experience in digital marketing, focused on search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (SEM) and social media campaigns – you can trust Muskoka Marketing to provide a complete digital marketing solution designed to will take your business to the next level.

Expose Your Business To People Actively Searching For Your Products or Services

SEO Starting Points

Our search engine optimization services are completely tailored for the small and medium sized businesses. We understand that business owners want and need an online presence, but need to make sure every single dollar spent on marketing efforts, deliver a real return to their bottom lines.

That’s precisely why Muskoka Marketing structures our fees based on your budget, not ours.

SEO projects start in one of two ways:
1.) A Discovery call so we can explore your objectives and get some sense of the budget so we can put together appropriate recommendations.
2.) Completing our Contact Form and we can communicate via email.

Once we’ve reviewed the information you’ve provided, we provide our customized recommendations, designed to provide short and long term ROI.

SEO Process

In order to create your custom SEO estimate, we perform the following services:

Site Scan/Crawl

We perform a quick site scan to identify major technical issues that we need to be aware of.

Content Review

We review the quantity, quality and focus of your website content. This include core pages, as well as any blog or resource related content.

Research of your Specific Vertical

When we’re doing the competitive review, we look at your vertical as a whole – if you’re a plumber, we look at the plumbing category where you’re focused on.

Google Maps/Local Listing Review

We look at where you’re showing up in map listings, checking for issues with your Google Plus profile, such as duplicate listings, Google default profiles and more.

30 Minute Call

Thirty-minute telephone and screen share (you see what we see) to review our findings and recommendations.

Site Review

We perform a basic review of the most important core areas to identify where our efforts should be focused.

Competitive Review

We have a look at what a couple of your key competitors are doing – and how their website compares to yours.

Social Media Review

We look at what you’re doing with Social Media channels, and if it aligns with what your overall business objectives are.


We document our findings and recommended solutions, and calculate the required hours for implementation.

FreshBooks Estimates

We provide you with a detailed estimate, breaking work items up so you can see what costs what – helpful when trying to meet budgetary requirements.

Why Customers Choose Us

20 Years SEO Experience

Muskoka Marketing is led by founder and CEO, Jeff Fidler – who has 20 years experience with digital marketing, working with small, medium & enterprise sized businesses in categories such as retail, legal, healthcare and more.

Small Business Budgets

Muskoka Marketing understands that small and medium sized businesses don’t have $10-30K per month to spend on marketing efforts, that’s why we offer budget flexibility that makes having a best in class website a reality instead of an impossibility.

We Understand Muskoka

Muskoka Marketing offers the best of both worlds. A physical location in Bracebridge, and being a division of Web Marketing Toronto, provider of enterprise level marketing services, we’re able to provide services other local providers simply can’t match.

Dental Clinic Organic Search Results

Muskoka Marketing SEO services work, even in ultra-competitive categories.

The charts to the right show real traffic numbers for one of our clients, a large dental clinic in Barrie, Ontario (May 2021).  The dental clinic vertical in Barrie is an extremely competitive space, yet we have been able to achieve an impressive 180% increase in May 2021, and for comparison, May 2020 was up 278% year over year.  (organic search new users).

This growth was achieved by optimizing the three core areas of SEO – Technical, Onsite, and Offsite. and implementing an ongoing content strategy that not only engages users, but creates natural one way links.  No webmaster guidelines were broken, and absolutely no spammy techniques were used.  If we can do this in such a competitive space, imagine what we can for you!

Let’s see how we can help grow your organic search campaign!

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