Pinterest Rolling Out PPC Search Ads

Pinterest has around 2 billion searches per month and it now wants to start taking advantage of that by offering PPC search ads.

Until now, advertisers were able to run ads using keywords, like “men’s shirts” and the ads would run throughout the site alongside relevant content. With the new system ads will appear immediately after search queries.

It’s been running tests and it’s now ready to roll it out to a wider audience. The ads will be image-based, not text-based, in a similar way to the Pinterest site.

Starting out, Pinterest plans to sell search ads itself, however in the future advertisers will be able to purchase the search ads using a self-serve online interface, like Google.

The new venture could generate billions, but much will depend on the integration and the advertiser interface. If they get it right, great – if they get it wrong – it could cost them billions in lost revenue.

More to come on this subject, so stay tuned.

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