Measuring Success in Local SEO Campaigns

Measuring Local Marketing Success

Accurate tracking, measurement, and reporting is critical for understanding local SEO performance. Businesses have a load of local and organic search data available in Google Analytics, however not all data is created equal. Here are the data points we would recommend you look at when evaluating the performance of your Local Search.

  1. Review Traffic Levels
  2. Review Referral Traffic Levels
  3. Review Mobile Traffic
  4. Review Conversions
  5. Review New Vs. Returning Visitors

Review the metrics. Is the data up or down? If you’re up across the board, that’s great, however that doesn’t mean you can take your foot off the gas, and expect the numbers to continue that way.

Tip: You have a better chance of being successful and achieving your goals when you review your site’s performance on a quarterly basis.